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Employee Household Relocations

A and P Moving, Inc., together with the Bekins’ agent network, is uniquely qualified to precisely execute corporate household relocations. A and P Moving, Inc. has served a wide variety of industries and takes particular pride in having served the legal profession for over twenty years where relocating entry level associates to senior level partners necessitates a very specific and detailed move management process.A and P Moving, Inc. corporate hauling fleet provides a competitive service with a pack, load, and haul model ensuring a VIP level relocation consistently.

A and P Moving, Inc. and Bekins Van Lines offers a Corporate Relocation Program with full move management and storage services. Customized services we provide include extensive crating for sensitive and high value antiques, high value ’valuation coverage” requests, multiple pickups or deliveries, local moves from temporary residences to permanent residences, long term storage, advance shipments of cars or temporary housing inventory, storage accesses, relocation of unique one-of-a-kind inventory items, and requests for relocation of animals.

Some clients relocate from, and to, remote areas. A and P Moving, Inc.- Bekins ability to have thoroughly prepared drivers and moving crews is important in successfully relocating these types of moves.

Service Guarantees

A and P Moving, Inc. and Bekins Van Lines offers the following to its corporate clients:

Corporate Account Watch Team: Relocating employees have a single source contact for all phases of the relocation. The team works with the transferee from the moment the introductory call is made until the shipment is delivered.

Pickup and Delivery Guarantee: On shipments 3,500 pounds and more, Bekins will offer a one-day pickup period and a two-day delivery period. If any shipments are loaded or picked up late, Bekins will pay $125.00 per day directly to the employee.

First Day Services: Bekins will unpack all beds and up to five additional cartons at no charge.

Guaranteed Claims Settlement: Should any cargo claims occur, Bekins would settle or make a firm offer to settle, within 30 days.

Guaranteed Billing: Bekins will provide accurate billing within 30 days of delivery.

Customized Reports: Bekins will provide customized service, claims, and revenue reports quarterly or more frequently if desired.

Local, Intra-State, International Move Services:

A and P Moving, Inc. has been servicing local, intra-state, and international household good relocations domestically and internationally since 1990. Dale Aman has been coordinating them in his prior position with the Bekins Moving and Storage Company, as well as his current company A and P Moving, Inc., for the past 40 years. Darcy Quinn has been working with Employee Relocations at A and P Moving, Inc. since 1990. Being a leading corporate booker within the Bekins system, there are solid relationships with the Bekins agency family that translate into excellent service for your transferee regardless of which geographical location the relocation takes place.

A and P Moving, Inc. philosophy is to provide value services at competitive pricing. We believe in the thoroughness of pre-move evaluations, attention to detail, and a clear understanding the customers need to facilitate smooth relocations with no surprises. Our intention is to build lasting relationships of trust, respect, and value that result in successful relocations.

A and P Moving, Inc.-Bekins ability to listen and understand the customer’s needs, provide flexibility, and offer guidance on how to best logistically facilitate the relocation services are critical to a customer’s satisfaction. This is important when the relocation is more than just a simple pickup and delivery. A and P Moving, Inc. and Bekins Van Lines operate on a very flexible scale and is able to fluctuate to the customers needs

The longevity of our account base supports the strength of our philosophy. A and P Moving, Inc. has been working continuously with some corporate clients for over 20 years.

Moving Tools/Resources

Bekins Van Lines and its dedicated partner at is able to provide the following services:

Transferring/Establishing Utilities / Bekins Partnership with

Through our partnership with, their friendly “concierge” staff can assist you with transferring and connecting utilities in your new home. This will allow you more time to settle into your new home and community. Planning is the key to a successful relocation and putting your trust in Bekins will help you alleviate some of your stress. Rely on Bekins to help you take care of all the details.

Your time is a valuable resource, especially now that you are moving. Your peace of mind is important to us and that’s why we offer so many services to help make the moving process a little easier. There are so many things to do and so little time to get it all accomplished, so let Bekins help you get some of those tedious tasks done.

Through our partnership with, one phone call to 800-921-7357 will connect you with their friendly concierge staff who can assist you with transferring and establishing the following services:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Telephone

By utilizing this free and convenient service, you will allow you more time to settle into your new home and community more quickly.

In addition, use this concierge service for establishing other services* you’ll need in your new home including:

  • Internet Service
  • Cable or Satellite Television
  • Home Security Systems
  • Home Warranties

*Fees apply for these services. Please call for more information.