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Distribution Project Management

Serving clients in the Marin and Sonoma Counties, A and P Moving, Inc. has developed and designed an efficient and concise procedure in ensuring all inventory is properly received, correctly inventoried, efficiently reported, and safely delivered. The project manager would work directly with you in understanding the scope of the project, your timeline objectives, and budget. Customized reports are developed based on a clients project needs in analyzing the overall project.

Our project manager and warehouse staff work together in ensuring your project is facilitated in an economical, efficient, and professional manner. Our foremen have an average of over 10 years experience in the moving industry. A and P Moving, Inc. has a 100% employee base that are in uniform and professionally trained. We do not employ independent contractors, hire casual labor, or workers unknown to our company like many moving companies use, are ever on a project. Our employees go through background checks before they are hire for employment. There’s no way to ensure quality if you have no control of your employees.