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Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, but when it comes to seniors, the challenges multiply. At A and P Moving, we understand the unique needs of seniors during the relocation process. Our top-notch senior relocation services are grounded in our extensive industry experience, knowledge of local senior living facilities, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Navigating Senior Transitions with A and P Moving

Embarking on a move in the later stages of life requires a delicate touch and a team that genuinely cares. A and P Moving has not only performed moves within the top senior living facilities in Marin County but also holds a special connection to the community. Our owner, Darcy Quinn, served as the Board of Directors President of Nova-Ro, a Novato Senior Housing Community comprising three distinct properties owned and operated by the Rotary Club of Novato.

White-Glove Senior Moving Service

Our experienced operations team has thorough knowledge of the intricacies involved in senior care community relocations and the specific requirements of local senior communities.

  • Free estimates
  • Move guidance
  • Packing materials and labor
  • Blanket pad wrap furniture protection and careful handling
  • Uniformed, professional, patient moving crew with an average of 14 years of experience

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A Compassionate Crew

Transitioning to a new living environment can be unsettling for seniors. That’s why our moving crew is more than just movers – they are compassionate partners in the journey. Patient and respectful, our team understands the anxiety that may arise during such transitions and is committed to making the process as smooth as possible.

Our crew takes the time to understand and address concerns and prioritize the well-being of seniors, making the transition a positive and stress-free event.

Family-Centric Approach

We are a local and family-owned business, and we recognize that family plays a crucial role in the relocation process. Our crew is not only attentive to the needs of the seniors but also works closely with their family members, taking their direction into consideration throughout the entire relocation journey to ensure a seamless relocation process that aligns with everyone’s expectations.

Seasoned Sales Team

With over 25 years of managing senior relocation projects, our experienced sales team is equipped to provide supportive guidance to families and caregivers. We understand the unique requirements of senior relocations and are here to assist you every step of the way, offering guidance and support to families and caregivers to ensure a seamless transition for their loved ones.

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Empathy Through Shared Experiences

At A and P Moving, we don’t just move seniors; many of our employees’ family members have transitioned to senior care facilities, giving us firsthand knowledge of – and empathy for – the emotional and logistical challenges involved. Our unique perspective allows us to provide a comforting and supportive environment for everyone involved.

Moving seniors requires more than just logistics; it demands a compassionate touch and a team dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible. A and P Moving, with our industry experience, local knowledge, and commitment to customer service, stands as your reliable partner in ensuring a seamless relocation experience for your loved ones. Trust us to move beyond expectations and make your senior relocation a positive and memorable journey.

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