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James Hayter
James Hayter
22:29 21 Dec 21
The A and P moving crew were awesome and fast. Thanks to Rudy, Francisco, Cory and Angel
Warren Oen
Warren Oen
20:16 14 Dec 21
A&P moving helped us clear storages and really made a difference. Rudy and Corey are for sure our go-to guys from here on out!
cody christensen
cody christensen
05:21 09 Dec 21
We had A&P come out to our site to help move a large amount of our inventory to our other site and storage. They were very professional, friendly and extremely efficient. I’d high recommend them for any moving needs. I’d like to give a special shout out to Rudy and Korey for the excellent service!
Luis Soto
Luis Soto
05:20 09 Dec 21
Been having A and P do my moving for our company for some time and they are great Darcy is always super helpful in getting us scheduled and shout out to the moving crew korey, Rudy, Francisco, Angel give them a raise 😃😀
Ben Lima
Ben Lima
19:20 20 Sep 21
The company made a move as simple as can be. The pickup from two different apartments was done within about 4-5 hours and the workers made sure to meticulously track everything that they were taking away. You will not have any worries about anything being lost (they then give you the inventory sheet on your move-in, so you can cross everything off). The move-in was also very simple and the company was accommodating and sent three movers (instead of two from the move-out) due to the inconvenient layout of the apartment. The point-person, Darcy Quinn, also did a great job of making sure everything was clear and ready to go on both dates.Only con I could potentially think of is the cost. I don't really have a frame of reference but I was quoted a cost of 3k+ for what turned out to be ~7-8 hrs to move everything in and out. But, their facilities (ie, storage) seem to be about 1.5 hours each way from both of our departure and arrival locations so those ~6 hours of travel could have played a part. Storage could also run into several hundreds especially if you have large furniture or so. But again, this could be the norm for the Bay Area and you also get what you pay for with A+P. I was never worried for even a second and in total moving everything from two apartments to one took us probably less than 24 hours to get it all finished.Would def recommend A+P
Vitalina Rovero
Vitalina Rovero
20:45 07 Sep 21
The entire team and staff was easy to work with, friendly, efficient and professional. I highly recommend them and will certainly use their services in the future. They made the move seamless.
Jaron Eliopoulos
Jaron Eliopoulos
04:38 24 Aug 21
Excellent experience from start to finish. We needed to move in a relatively short window of time and they were able to accommodate us.Through a FaceTime video chat, I was able to show my apartment and what needed to be moved and they were quickly able to turn around a quote for my review. Once on site, the team moved quickly and professionally. I felt that all of my items were in good hands and wasn’t worried about mishandling or broken items.The entire staff was very friendly and service oriented to make sure I had been treated well. Hands down the best moving company I have worked with, and I have had quite a few over the years. I now refer them to all of my friends and clients for any Bay Area moving needs!
Zerlina Vecino
Zerlina Vecino
22:52 10 Aug 21
These guys were great, very efficient and accommodating. I would definitely recommend them and use them again. Thank you!!
Hugh Schall
Hugh Schall
03:49 14 Jul 21
We used A&P Moving in July 2021. Nathan and his crew were not only professional, but also very efficient. Based on our experience , we would highly recommend A& P Moving, Inc. and Nathan.As a point of reference, we have moved 12 times. Several of the moves were across country.
Michael Kong
Michael Kong
14:10 30 Jun 21
We would highly recommend A and P Moving. Darcy Quinn is the best! She was extremely responsive and took the time to address all of our questions prior to finalizing our move. After reading so many horror stories about interstate moves, we were relieved to find a trustworthy moving company who does things right. As an authorized Bekins agent, A and P’s network of drivers/movers is top-notch! We couldn’t be happier with the level of care, service, and expertise we received from A and P Moving from start to finish.
Laura Giraud
Laura Giraud
16:10 17 May 21
The 3-person crew that handled our move could not have better! They worked efficiently/effectively and not a step was wasted. They worked as a team and as my husband and I continued to pack the remaining items, the foreman offered helpful guidance when we needed assistance on packing a particularly difficult item. They were friendly and given the stress of moving, they actually made it fun. We did a lot of laughing throughout the day. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
Christina Lowry
Christina Lowry
04:10 11 May 21
They were organized, and they were the best we have ever used for moving. I highly recommend them
Sophia Osotio
Sophia Osotio
03:46 22 Mar 21
A&P said my moving team would arrive between 9 & 9:30am and Rudy’s team was there right at 9am ready to go! They were very careful & thoughtful in how they handled all my stuff getting it out of one house and into the new one.Thank you Rudy & Angel!
Debbie DeDomenico
Debbie DeDomenico
22:59 10 Mar 21
Rudi and his team did a super job of moving my furniture on a local move out and move in. They took care wrapping my artwork and furniture. Great job
Vanessa Paez
Vanessa Paez
19:37 03 Mar 21
I had a great move thanks to A & P Moving and Rudy's Crew! The move went so quickly. They were professional and courteous and really took good care of my belongings. They did such a good job that it cost much less than my quote. I would recommend A & P Moving Inc. to anyone who wants a seemless move!
Douglas Leach
Douglas Leach
17:58 25 Jan 21
TRUST! Accurate Estimate! Nothing lost or damaged!Now that we have concluded our business I can state that from start to finish Darcy Quinn and A and P Moving were completely professional, informative, thorough, and extremely kind to us. This is a family run business, and Darcy's personal knowledge of the business enabled us to put our full trust in A and P Moving. Packing and moving a home is a stressful and emotional experience, especially after 33 years in the same home. I loved getting an accurate bid, having them save us time and money by personally dropping off odd size boxes and packing materials, as well as allowing us to return the unused materials for credit. The moving team was fast, efficient and knew what they were doing. I can recommend A and P Moving for anyone making a move.
Laurie Pitman
Laurie Pitman
12:58 30 Oct 20
They've been so responsive and generally fabulous!I must add to my original review, since the circumstances of my move have changed. Due to the pandemic, building my new home in a new state has been considerably delayed, and A and P Movers have met every challenge with kindness and patience. They even searched through all the containers and found something I had not anticipated I would need. I appreciate so much having Kristen pick up that phone when I call, because she knows me and my situation. The company is first-rate.
Patricia Hurst
Patricia Hurst
21:53 17 Sep 20
Out of state move with a lot of large antique pieces and a lot of crystal and china. Fabulous outfit
Sparkle Foundation Inc.
Sparkle Foundation Inc.
21:24 28 Feb 20
1 photoShare reviewEmbed review2/28/2020I can't say enough praise for the A&P team. They been an instrumental support in our efforts with our holiday gift drive. For the last few years Darcy and team have helped us transport gifts for 100+ families during Christmas time. Their services allow us to grow each year serving more.A&P and their commitment to the community is something really remarkable.
Ron Tyler
Ron Tyler
15:13 05 Jul 18
Hands down the best moving company and movers in the Novato / Marin area. After like 30 years in business and hundreds of 5-Star reviews (which I looked at and read) this company delivers the complete package. If you are moving you need to contact the nice folks at A&P Moving.
Kate Rose
Kate Rose
15:34 08 Sep 14
The hardest thing to do is move from your home after 25 years. If you have to do it, though, you must call A & P Moving, Inc. They made the experience, which can be so overwhelming, manageable right from the beginning. It began when we started to get estimates and their estimator arrived, and was so pleasant, efficient and professional. We decided from the beginning to get three estimates. Then we had to figure out how to take some furniture to our home locally, some across country and some to be stored. Dealing with Whitney and Kim and their team regarding all the logistics of the move was seamless. And they were a delight to work with every time we called. To top it off, it turned out we only had one day to move and it was a Sunday and Father's Day. James and Nate came to the rescue and honestly, were so patient, professional, fun and made the experience palatable. We are letting everyone we know who is moving to at least call A&P Movers.
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A and P Testimonials

Now that we have concluded our business I can tell you that from start to finish you have been completely professional, informative, thorough, and extremely kind to us.  Your personal knowledge of the business enabled us to put our full trust in A and P Moving.  Packing and moving a home is a stressful and emotional experience, especially after 33 years in the same home.  I loved getting an accurate bid, having you save us time and money by personally dropping off odd size boxes and packing materials.  You also allowed us to return the unused materials.  The moving team was fast, efficient and knew what they were doing.  I can recommend A and P Moving for anyone making a move.


It started with Darcy. She was so professional and her estimate, expectations and communication was complete on target. Then the driver John and his co worker, were on time and communicated clearly and handled the move quickly, They also wore masks and were very conscious about social distancing with us. The teams of movers at both loading and unloading, were kind with positive attitude. They removed and placed everything right where they belonged. Wrapped things nice and tight even the items we had no idea how to pack, they took care of it. Thank you again for everything!


The packing and loading went well! They were able to get everything loaded within about an hour and a half. Overall I was happy with the work! Thanks so much for all your help with this move and being so quick to respond to all my questions! You’ve been a lifesaver.


Scott, I wanted to let you and the team know how well my move went. Everything arrived on Sunday and I've unpacked most of it and there's not a scratch on anything. The three guys who came to load up my stuff in Marin were friendly, efficient and did a fantastic packing up my furniture and paintings. The driver and his wife who met me here in Santa Fe were also very nice and did a great job unloading everything and putting my beds back together. I'm very glad I got to work with you, Darcy and Kristen and appreciate all your help.

Julia W.

The move went well! The movers on both ends were fast, efficient, and nice! I enjoyed their company. The men who drove the moving van and delivered my things were particularly helpful—they delivered my stuff far earlier than I expected, they got it into my apartment extremely fast, and they were kind enough to help me move the heavy furniture items around the apartment to the spaces I wanted so that I wouldn’t have to move them again myself. I was very appreciative of their help.

Thank you so much for your help as well! This has been the easiest move I’ve ever made, and I really appreciate all of your help. 

Sara F.

Great experience working with Bekins 1. Sales rep (Scott Kerr) very responsive before, during & after the move.....answered all questions quickly. 2. Cost proposal was very detailed...allowed us to decide what was needed/not needed (insurance, crating, etc.).we felt we had some control over costs (other companies simply provided one cost with no details; not very transparent) 3. Driver (Sam) was outstanding.....very personable & competent; managed loaders/unloaders very well; stayed in touch & updated on delivery date; exuded trustworthiness; very organized 4. Great follow-up/communications from local Bekins company (Novato, CA) and home office; greatly appreciated, helped reduce much of our stress over the move 5. Bekins did a great job of managing the sub-contractors (craters/uncraters, car shipper).packers did an outstanding job....everything made it to Florida intact & unbroken (still unpacking as on April 30, but expect everything to be intact) 6. James Willoughby did a great job to measure my wife's art work & set up the craters... 7. Overall, very happy with Bekins.good value for the price.....everything went very smoothly, on track/on time, good communications/updates, and my wife is very happy (as am I).

Steve K.

Darcy Quinn was very professional and personal at the same time. She made me feel very comfortable and I trusted her completely. As this was my first move with a company she eliminated any fears I had. Ramon, the driver, is an incredible person. He was thorough and professional, as well as kind and understanding of my needs. When we arrived at my new home it was necessary to move furniture that was in the house into the garage. He and his assistant just went to work and made the transfer without question. They made a difficult time for me easy and happy. I was blessed to have them.

Susan B.

I was very satisfied with the move. Scott Kerr and James Willowby of A&P Moving/Bekins were very professional and pleasant to work with. Scott explained everything that would happen with the move from pickup to delivery. The move went smoothly. The date of pickup of furniture was set and met. The movers were punctual on the date of the move. The worked tirelessly from beginning to end loading my furniture without complaints. They were very professional but friendly at the same time. I believe there were four movers at my home, The delivery went smoothly also. This time there we just two moved, Michale and John. They were also hard workers and worked without stopping until everything was unloaded, unpacked and in the locations, I requested them to be placed. I was totally satisfied with the moving experience. Bekins came through for me again. Thank you.

Connie U.

I have moved several times over the past few years and you guys were by far the best movers I have worked with. Both the pickup and delivery teams were on time, professional, courteous, and so efficient. The whole move went very smoothly. Thank you so much!

Marla C.

A huge thank you for such a smooth move. From beginning to end – each step of this process was handled with such ease and professionalism.

Carol M.

I would like to go on record as saying that our move to El Dorado Hills, using your company’s service could not have been more pleasant.

John S.

I want to let you know that my experience with you was fabulous. The responsiveness and care was way more than I expected but certainly equal to what I had hoped for. I would use you again in the future and would feel 100% confident in recommending you to anyone I know.

Bobby B.

A and P Moving, Inc. Bekins should be proud of employees who have such a high work ethic.

Saul K.

I will proudly, continue to promote your company’s name, and certainly will not hesitate to recommend you to whoever needs your services.

Geo. G

I am sending you a note today to tell you about truly exceptional service I received from your company. The driver altered his route to accommodate my delivery and inventory requests. On arrival, I found every item in place and in good order, again meeting expectations. Exceeding expectations is what customer service is all about.

Brian D

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your company was during our two moves last year. The men who moved us were absolutely wonderful.

Lisa M.

Just a note to thank your fantastic crew for their hard work on our two day move adventure. They were 100% and more. Great guys with happy attitudes.

Alana B.

I wish to extend to you a hearty thank you for the excellent service and help I received for my recent move from San Rafael to the Presidio in San Francisco. The moving team was excellent ’ they were fast, efficient, helpful, and very nice. Their outstanding attention to my relocation needs certainly made the move a surprising pleasurable experience.

Melinda R.

Your crew was careful with our belongings, considerate of the floors and carpet in our home, and professional personable men. Know that we will highly recommend your moving company to anyone who is interested.

Maureen B.

This note is to let you know how much we appreciate the job Bekins did moving to our new home. We have moved several times, and your company is the best we’ve ever used.

Dave B.

We recently moved from Novato, CA to Avilia Beach, CA. Our experience from start to finish was great. Scott Kerr came to our house to estimate the move. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and confident in your company. His assistant Ingrid Gutierrez was always available and supportive to answer questions and keep us informed of the ongoing process. The movers were polite, on time, conscientious, careful, and everything went off without a single hitch.

Cindy B.

I have selected your company for my coast to coast move due solely to your salesperson Scott Kerr. He took his job seriously and gave a fair bid. I have been in Marin County 26 years and anxious to be moving to Georgia. My fears were calmed by Scott who I could call for any advice and guidance through the move process.

Marie S.

The crew was unfailing professional, patient, thorough, and always careful of our belongings and us. Working quickly, carefully, despite the stairs into the building and small quarters, they eased us into our 700 square foot apartment. The movers transformed a huge, difficult, life altering relocation into a smooth move. Their customer focused and efficient commitment to excellence built on decades of experience was invaluable to us and shall long be remembered. We are grateful to my Company, and A and P Moving, Inc.-Bekins, for providing such a superb corporate first step move experience.

Nancy D.

UCSF Healthcare

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your assistance with my move to New York. Everything has arrived in perfect condition.

Jennifer T.

The driver was fantastic, and Darcy Quinn was attentive and responsive towards all of my requests.

Andrew S.

I’ve dealt with numerous moving companies over the past year and I have yet to find one that is as willing to bend over backwards to meet the needs of the customer as yours did for me.

Kevin M.

Wells Fargo Bank

I am 65 moving from Mill Valley, CA to Spring Hill, FL. I am hard to please and was very comfortable with your company. Everyone worked fast, organized, and every well together. It was a hard job of heavy furniture and over 400 boxes. Never did one man complain.

Carol N.

I am a flight attendant and know how challenging it can be to deal with the public – and what excellent customer service is. Your company exemplified the professionalism I respect and displayed genuine care and effort to meet my needs through this difficult time in my life. There is not enough of this customer service in our world today.

Pamela W.

Most people only take the time to write a letter when something has gone wrong. I should know, I am in the Customer Service business. I wanted to take the time to write a letter because everything went right. I heard all the horror stories about moving, but I have none to tell. Would I recommend A and P Moving, Inc. Bekins? You bet I would.

Diana F.

I had a great experience of moving thanks to the expert, helpful, and professional services of your company. The move was personable and very fairly priced.

Mickey C.

We have lived in our home for 20 years. This move as difficult emotionally. The crew’s cheerfulness, competence, and all around helpfulness made the move quite pleasant. We were appreciative of the extra care they took to avoid tracking in dirt and bumping into walls with heavy items they had to move into the new house. All of our dealings with your staff were very positive.

Terry B.

After moving 5 times in 4 years we’ve become familiar with the moving process. Please tell your crew team we were very pleased with their services. Our move date in June was a very hot day. The crew was polite, worked quickly, and were excellent. It was amazing how they could move heavy furniture so easily. Thanks again for a great move.

Carol Y.

Thank you again for your assistance. This move went very smoothly and I credit Darcy Quinn for that. I will be letting my Company know how invaluable your services were.

Elizabeth P.